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Teen Patti master APK is India’s twisted on three card Poker game. Teen Patti master also known as Indian Poker flush  flash or three card brag  is a popular card game played in many part of the word. Teen Patti master is player bet  based on the strength of their Garden and the master with the strongest hand wins the pot.

You may love bridge Rummy aur Matka but Teen Patti game is still the king and Teen Patti master is the best free online card game that allows you to play free Teen Patti master with Real Player from all over the world challenge your friends to the most existing social Indian poker game for free.

How to download Teen Patti master

If you went to download Teen Patti master Indian poker APK 10 follow step below to download it you can download and install on your smartphone. After installing it on your smartphone you can sign up through Facebook  account and get free chips as bonus. Simultaneously in this game you will also get daily bonus due to which you will never be able to get free chips.

How to sign up on Teen Patti master

If you went RS 30 sign up bonus first one click below link.

How to sign up on Teen Patti master

Teen Patti master available games

Teen Patti master available games

Teen Patti:- Teen Patti master is a three card game also know as Indian. Also know is Indian poker flash or 3 card break is a popular card game played in many part of the world.

Rummy:- rummy is a multiplayer game played among 2 to 3 players.

7 up 7 down:- tcz dice game where the host throws the dice and the player beard on three numbers.

Andar Bahar:- andar bahar is a traditional Indian batting game.

King versus queen:- King versus Queen is a comparing card game played between two hands.

Big battle Dragon vs tiger:- Dragon vs tiger is two card are deals master to the Dragon batting position on the table and master to the tiger batting position.

Baccarat AB:- baccarat game with  you complexity and a lot of Champs band style gambling fun baccarat.

wingo lottery:- this game generates Random numbers label like lotterys around the world.

Ludo:- Ludo is classic dash and race game.

Fishing war:- fishing wire cast a line and wait for the fish to bite Grave your fishing rod and sale to the open search.

Call break:- this game included the free spin future that cold be Trigger bye lending.

Joker:- 30 came included free spin future that cold be regret by landing.

Point Rummy:- point rummy is a variant of 13 cards Indian rummy where player play for point with per decided rupee value.

Dragon Vs Tiger-Dragon Vs Tiger Apk Get 51 Bonus

Teen Patti master feature

Daily bonus:- you will get 50000 free chips as soon as you download this game and sign up your account. Apart from this you can get free chips every minute as well as daily bonus are also available in it.

Offline or online:- you can play this game online with your friends and players from all over the world. you can play it in offline mode also

Game mods:- many different mods have been given in this Teen Patti master which gives you the experience of playing Teen Patti master gaming different ways. Classic Teen Patti mod chatai Joker muflis AK 47 JK qk black Jack Dragon vs tiger Rummy Teen Patti extra. .

Ranking and leagues:- winning and scoring good point in this Teen Patti master also create a ranking thanks to which you can become the top player in the world of Teen Patti master.

Wheel rotate for dugna bonus:- there is also a future of rotate the wheel  with the help of which you can win two times more chips. You can rotate in only once in 24 hours.

VIP membership:- if you went to take advantage in different way in which game than you can also take VIP membership by spending some money for this.

Invite your friend and family:- up to 5 players can play online on world Teen Patti table. That’s where you can invite your friend or family members to this table and enjoy the games of Teen Patti with Team.

Multi language:- the game has been made for India players so both English and Hindi language have been given in it.

How to add cash in Teen Patti master

Teen Patti master

If you want get more empathy master them obviously investment in major in any business. For these you can use Paytm phone pay Google pay Amazon pay other upi as well as net banking or you can add cash with the help of mobile banking.

How to withdraw in Teen Patti master

Boom now where you win more money then get money is most withdrawal is most important. If you went to do cash withdraw in Teen Patti master. Then it is very easy I clicking on withdrawal button feel your bank account detail aur upi IDs carefully and click on withdraw.

Teen Patti master

Teen Patti Gold-Teen Patti Gold Apk Download Get 200Rs

Refer and earn in Teen Patti master

Designer bonus in this  Teen Patti master you can get a bonus of 20 rupees on each of your friends invite with the help of refer and earn. Also you can earn a lifetime bonus of 30% when your friends recharge in this Teen Patti master. Here you get commission of many levels with the help of which you can earn best.

Teen Patti master


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Teen Patti master helpline and customer care number

Here you can get any problem in Teen Patti master or referral program you can contact below given number and you can also mail to the support team.


Email:- teenpattimaster045@gmail.com

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